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Now Trending: Telehealth Visits
  • Tina Colangelo
  • Feb 19 2017

The new trend in primary care and chronic care is telehealth. A medical practice considered living in the dark is one who is digitally disconnected. If your medical practice is not offering telehealth medicine it's going to lose revenue.

Patients are looking for convenient ways to communicate with their medical office, especially since technology allow for it. Patients want the option to use technology to schedule  appointments, pay medical bills and have lab results sent by email. Telehealth is rapidly growing in popularity. A recent Jackson Healthcare survey found that 50 million Amercians are ready to switch their primary care providers for one that offers tele-visits. The survey also reported:

  • 79 percent of consumers caring for an elderly parent would prefer a multi-channel video telehealth service
  • Parents of children under 18 are willing to switch to a doctor with telehealth abilities
  • 67 percent of adult 45-64 would prefer to manage their chronic conditions online    
On the flipside, telehealth services are beneficial for the medical practice as well. Administrative responsibilites are reduced. The practice receives higher reimbursement rates by coding 2017 chronic condition management (CMM) codes and telemedicine codes. Lastly, it directs more business to the medical practice. Forward thinking medical practices understand the importance of being digitally connected. Why wouldn't anyone want to take advantage of more revenue and happier patients?


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