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MACRA Readiness

The new MACRA value based care reimbursement structure is confusing and the time is running out to get ahead of the game. Tina’s mission is to help physicians get prepared and to prosper with the healthcare changes. It is important for all physicians to be prepared for MACRA healthcare. 

Here are 3 main areas of how the CMS new regulations affects a Medical Practice:

  • It affects the quality of care patients receive.
  • It affects the physician’s Medicare reimbursement.
  • A practice needs to restructure/reorganize staff and educate everyone on the new CMS regulations (MACRA and MIPS).

Preparing for the new CMS new regulations takes an enormous amount of skill to strategically plan the most successful and cost effective ways to position your practice on the winning side of MACRA.

Positioning yourself for success is not just for the first performance year of 2017, but also for the years to come. The planning and assessment process takes time.  Unfortunately, the clock is ticking and that window of opportunity is becoming shorter. It takes time to make choices, time to know where to invest your money in changes, and time to educate and reorganize your staff. 

The penalties start out and become greater as time goes on.  Failure to properly make the changes and get on the winning side of the MACRA rule could potentially put you out of business. Being on the winning side could make you richer than you ever expected.

Tina’s Services: 

  • Educate the physician on MACRA - the new CMS regulations.
  • Assess the practice readiness level with a powerful assessment tool Tina created.
  • Restructure the practice in order to avoid the 4% penalty. 
  • Set the eligible clinicians (EPs) up for successful reporting.

Tina will make sure you are ready and on the winning side of MACRA.  She has a strong belief in the importance health care professionals make in the lives of others. She not only wants to see you stay in business, Tina wants to help you make more money than you were making before without adding on additional work for you. 

The earlier she can help position you for success with MACRA, the easier it will be for you. Falling behind will mean it will be extremely difficult for you to catch up!  It’s not impossible with my Tina’s professional services, but it will be more difficult. 

Get ready now.

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